20 years ago we never realized where things might be on the eve of 2010. 

The best of the last year saw awesome scale projects, in sizes larger than ever, and custom projects not related to modeling at all.    The worst of the year saw the new business of repairing and replacing parts made by "garage" operations, foreign companies.    See the highlights in our "Top 9 of 2009" gallery. 

Campbell SR-71 . . . .

Glennis recently produced exact scale wheels/tires with a 6 brake system for Lance Campbell's super scale SR-71.

The 6 main tires molded in Silver just as the full size Blackbird, with exact scale wheel faces on all wheels, even though the inner and outer mains are different.  See more of Lance's project here

7 1/2 - 9 inch sets

The only scale sets offered in these sizes are available now by custom order.

Clearance items . . . garage sale at Glennis
Some of our accumulated items from the last 25 years are ready to go on to someone who can use them. 
Added Y/A P-47 and A6M5 Zero.
Quotes now limited to 5 calendar days . . . 
Due to increases in material costs, quotes are now limited to 5 days.   Quotes/Deals prior to 6/15/08 are now void / subject to price increases.
New sets added to galleries
Added now:  ME-262, HE-162, P-39, B-29, A-26, A-7, and some new tail wheel styles.  Watch for more during our 20th Year Celebration . . . . .
Don Smith 1/4 P-47 - 8 3/8" wheels
Builders of the 1/4 scale Jug now have a source for the wheels/brakes.   Scale 8 3/8" x 2 1/4" are available in 2 styles.
KMP F7F Tigercat wheels 
Scale wheels/brakes for the KMP Tigercat are now available - fit the kits gear, and feature the same detail as the larger sizes
Question about Charges and Shipments?
Credit Card charged but your order isn't there? Please read our Terms and Details before you panic .  .  .  .  All orders are subject to the terms listed there. 

Paul Letourneau builds BIG.  His latest is this beautiful C-46.    The Commando has a 15 foot wingspan, and is 130 inches long.  Paul enlarged Bates plans, and the bare metal finish is rendered with McMaster Carr foil tape.

Why  Glennis?

Scale and Quality.  The Glennis 7 1/2" wheels were custom built,  exact scale on both sides
(story here),  and even under 93 pounds, roll stately underneath.

Not wanting to risk breaking 26x10 props, the decision to go with the Glennis Brake System  makes all braking smooth and precise also. 

Modelers  like Paul use Glennis' new large line of wheels to avoid the "go kart" tires and foam tires  that other companies use, and put the finishing scale touch to  these large scale models.    


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